Teen’s Brings Home INCREDIBLE Discovery & His Mom Called The Cops

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Treasure hunters are always looking to uncover something unique. However, one teen made a discovery so incredible that when he brought it home, it had his mom calling the cops.

The teenage treasure hunter accidentally found more than he could handle after uncovering a stash of weapons from a suspected Irish Republic Army (IRA) weapons dump.

Sixteen-year-old James Cork from Somerset, England made the discovery while casually partaking in his hobby, magnet fishing. As he and a friend were combing through Greylake with a rope and magnet, they were shocked when they discovered the weapons.

Teen’s Discovery So INCREDIBLE When He Brought It Home, His Mom Called The Cops

“I was shocked. I’ve never found anything like this before,” Cork explained, according to Mirror. “There were a few whole weapons, but not many. Some were machine guns, pistols, and revolvers. And there was a massive machine gun on a stand.” Among the many types of guns, there were also parts of a Nazi MG 42 light machine gun and a Czech SA23 9mm submachine gun.

“There was a fisherman getting quite angry as I was disturbing the water,” explained Cork, according to Daily Mail. “But when he saw what I pulled out, he came and helped.”

Teen’s Discovery So INCREDIBLE When He Brought It Home, His Mom Called The Cops

The boys hadn’t told anyone about their discovery, besides the fisherman who had helped them. When Cork arrived home, he had taken a 1930s Smith & Wesson as a memento of his find. His mother, Katherine, wasn’t impressed upon discovering her son playing with a gun and immediately notified police.

“But I didn’t think I’d be dealing with one of my kids holding a gun. I said, ‘Bring it downstairs, leave it in the kitchen and don’t touch it,’” Katherine explained.

Cork told police what had happened and that he and his friend had thrown most of the weapons back in the lake. The police recovered the entire arsenal from the water.

Teen’s Discovery So INCREDIBLE When He Brought It Home, His Mom Called The Cops

“None of the weapons were complete, and they were extremely rusty and very old,” a spokesman for Avon and Somerset Police stated. “All of the weapon parts have been or are being destroyed.”

“This must be a terrorist bundle,” explained former SAS sergeant and gun expert, Andy McNab. “That’s because there are weapons for various ranges — from close assassination ones to the Browning that could take out a helicopter or Land Rover.” According to Daily Mail, these weapons are believed to belong to the “IRA and could have been dumped when they were meant to be declaring their arms in 2001.”

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