Strange Sound In Bathroom Sends Woman Running For Help, Doesn’t Get It

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An Arizona woman was washing her hands at a popular sandwich shop in Glendale, when she heard a strange sound. She started to look around to see what it was and where it was coming from, but seconds later she was running out and searching for help. She would soon find out that help was going to be hard to get.

The woman, who only wants to be identified by her first name Lisa, said she had just finished eating her lunch at Which Wich deli and was getting ready to leave. She stopped to use the restroom and heard a beeping sound inside that didn’t seem to belong, nor did it sit well with her. She followed the strange noise to an air freshener, but rather than the typical placement of the fragrance dispenser high up on the wall, this one was near the floor.

Lisa described that the freshener was square and plastic, and it seemed to be the source of the intermittent beeping. She picked it up and opened it, pulling the interior foil back and revealing an iPhone. One look at the screen and she saw it was recording her and every other female customer’s bathroom activities. Freaked out by the perverted find, she stormed out and told her boyfriend about it, who attempted to report it to the sandwich shop manager, but he got a response he never expected.

“He went in there and talked to the manager,” Lisa began to explain to AZFamily, regarding the unexpected response her boyfriend got from the manager. After demanding that the manager call police to report it, he said, “I’m sorry. I’m embarrassed, but I can’t contact police right now because I do not want to ruin my business reputation.”

Lisa and her boyfriend didn’t need to wait for someone else to call, so they took matters into their own hands and called an officer to inform them of the privacy violation. Investigators came to the popular lunch shop and retrieved the device from the women’s bathroom. They’re reviewing surveillance footage to see who placed it there, and the manager is said to be cooperating. It’s in his best interest to do so, since the device was so well thought out and strategically placed, that chances are, either he or one of his employees put it there.

If the manager was so concerned about his business reputation, disregarding an obvious issue isn’t going to help. He couldn’t have possibly thought that nobody would say anything because he didn’t want it to get out to the community. Trying to hide it just makes matters worse for him. It’s only speculation at this point, but perhaps what he was trying to hide was his own guilt or participation in this perversion. Hopefully, the person responsible will be found out and brought to justice for their sick form of entertainment.

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