Strange Feeling About Walking Mom Leads Driver Into Horrific Nightmare

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An Idaho woman was walking alongside the road with her two young children when a passerby spotted her and sensed that something wasn’t right about their stroll. The driver stopped to ask if they needed help, but the mother declined and kept on her way. The concerned motorist followed the family anyway, which led to a horrific scene that would confirm the witness’ worst nightmare.

The Nampa mother, 22-year-old Regina Dilworth, was holding her 10-month-old infant with her 4-year-old daughter tagging along behind, struggling to keep up. At one point on the walk, Dilworth passed a person in their front yard and tried to give the older of her two children away. That stranger was taken aback, but they didn’t alert authorities to the obscure offer. Dilworth kept on down the street with her two apparently dispensable kids in tow, until the driver came up on them.

After Dilworth declined assistance from the driver, the passerby called police as they continued to track where the mother was taking her two little ones. They crossed the street to an irrigation ditch, and Dilworth got into the water with the baby, as her daughter watched on. Waist-deep, Dilworth began to submerge her infant into the water in an apparent attempt to drown the child. Thankfully the driver had followed her there and jumped into the water behind the mother and grabbed the baby from her before she could do any harm, the Idaho Press-Tribune reported.

The witness’ earlier call to police was answered as officers arrived right as the diligent citizen saved the baby. Dilworth was taken into custody on two counts of injury to a child and was said to be under the influence of drugs, which was likely not a surprise to authorities or anyone else. This motorist was a Godsend who was put in the right place at the right time on an otherwise lonely stretch of road. These two little ones were saved from their mother’s bad drug trip by that person being there and sticking with their initial gut instinct that something wasn’t right.

The only hope for these kids is to not be given back to their mother. With the way the justice system fails children in cases like this, chances are Dilworth will get a slap on the wrist, sentenced to a parenting class, then get custody back of the children that she seemingly doesn’t want. She tried to kill her baby and was only charged with injury to a child, when attempted murder would seem to be the better fit. If the witness hadn’t been there, the baby would have been dead, and possibly the older daughter as well.

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