Man Hears ‘Bang’ As Teen Leaves Dumpster, Never Expected What He Found

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A Kentucky man was at his home when he heard a loud bang coming from a dumpster outside. He saw a teen casually walking away, so he decided to go have a look. But nothing could have ever prepared him for what he found inside, causing him to immediately call police.

On Thursday, witnesses in Paducah reported seeing a black male in his mid-to-late teens placing an item in a dumpster, and one of the men who watched decided to investigate, according to Fox10. It’s a good thing he did, however, as upon peering over the side of the trash receptacle, he made a mortifying discovery – the teen had dumped a full-term newborn like a piece of trash. The innocent child was still alive, crying for someone to help it.

Man Hears ‘Bang’ As Teen Leaves Dumpster, Never Expected What He Found

The witnesses immediately called police, and McCracken County Sheriff’s Sgt. David Shepherd was within blocks and first on the scene. Shepherd rushed to the dumpster, climbing inside to render aid to the helpless child until medics arrived, but he admits that he wasn’t fully prepared for this type of call.

No matter any law enforcement training you provide for us, articulate or tactical or anything like that; and then you place a newborn baby in front of us,” Shepherd said. “There’s not normal training for that, and it’s all hands on deck for that one.”

The baby was treated on the scene by medics when they arrived, then taken to an area hospital, where it remains in stable condition.

“The medical personnel did actually have to get inside of the dumpster as well to care for the child,” Shepherd said.

It didn’t take long for detectives to identify the suspect, thanks to witness descriptions. Shortly after the child was found, a 17-year-old teen was arrested for dumping the baby in the trash. The unidentified male is the boyfriend of the baby’s 15-year-old mother, who was taken to the hospital with bleeding hours after the child was found.

During an interview, the suspect admitted to dumping the baby, however, it’s unclear if he gave police a motive or not. The juvenile now faces charges of attempted murder, criminal abuse in the first degree, and tampering with physical evidence. It’s unclear what, if any, charges the baby’s mother faces, although police said the investigation is ongoing.

With “Safe Haven” laws, which allow new parents to take an unwanted child to a fire station, hospital, or police department and not have to worry about criminal prosecution, things like this aren’t even necessary any longer for any reason. How could anybody do something like this to a child? It’s hard not to blame the current cultural environment, which places almost zero value on human life in the womb and treats unborn children as mere problems that can be solved with a quick trip to the abortionist for situations like this. After all, if our youth aren’t taught that all life is precious, even life that hasn’t seen the light of day yet, then they’ll never grow up to respect it as the beautiful gift that it is, and disgusting incidents like this will continue to happen.

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