Here’s The Video Of A Police Officer Everyone On Facebook Has Been Talking About

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Cops are heroes. They go onto their shifts every day having no idea what type of situations they are going to face. Their duties range anywhere from traffic safety to drug busts to being front and center and in the line of fire.

Thanks to today’s advanced technology, cops today are able to capture every moment that they face on film. In the video below, you will witness just how heroic some cops are and you can witness the event unfold from the camera that is attached to the cop’s vest.

When a perpetrator fires off rounds, threatening innocent bystanders around him, a few good cops jump into action and fire 19 round into the suspect in a matter of eight seconds. The cop jumps out of the car and chases down the suspect, shoots some rounds, reloads and shoots several more.

One of the shots manages to have hit the suspect’s artery, causing it to pour blood rapidly. You can hear the suspect screaming in pain as he says, “I’m dying, I’m dying.” The amount of blood that is leaving his body is quite shocking.

And then, the unthinkable happens when one of the cops, Officer Hebb reaches down and grabs a tourniquet from his ankle. He goes on to apply it to the suspect’s leg, saving his life. He is working fast as if he is set on saving the man’s life, which is hard to fathom considering he was just shooting rapid fire at him. The cop did what he had to do to stop him and then managed to save his life.

Commenters applauded the cops for the brave jobs that they do every day…

“THAT’S what Cops DO! They take down the perps, and then, take care of ’em if NEEDS BE! MOST COPS that is…the bad ones are getting forced out.”

“The dude will never walk straight again, but at least he’ll be alive… in prison for a decade or so.”
Commenters felt no sympathy for the suspect who had no problem shooting at the cops first, but when it came time for him to be laying down on the ground faced with several loaded guns, it was a different story…

“Oh my God, I’m Dying! I’m dying Sir, I’m dying!” How like a stereotypical shit bag. Suddenly it gets real, and NOW he is Sir & Ma’am ing everyone being so respectful! Oh, gee, he said Sir! I better trip over myself to help this low life that JUST tried to kill ME only a few moments ago.”
Clearly the suspect, like most, was a complete coward and he had no problem running away from something that he started instead of facing it head on. There is also a female in the video but it’s unclear as to what she did or if she got shot as well.
Several of the commenters noticed that the cops didn’t put gloves on before they applied the tourniquet…
“A lot of cops would’ve put gloves on and I don’t blame em, why risk getting some horrible disease to save some scum bag faster.”

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