Dad Thought Daughter Was Fast Asleep, Walks In On Disturbing Nightmare

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Hours before a Texas father was set to wake up, he got a strange impulse to go check on his 13-year-old daughter. When he did, he couldn’t believe the sight after he opened the door into his little girl’s bedroom. Had he ignored his intuition and gone back to bed, he would have never known the horrendous things happening in his own home, that had already gone on for far too long.

The daughter, who was not named in an effort to protect the minor’s identity, wasn’t allowed her own cellphone, but the girl was allowed to use her mother’s phone. This type of thing isn’t too unusual, except for the fact that the teen somehow managed to download a few scandalous phone apps, allegedly without the mom’s knowledge.

One was a dating app called Kik, and the other was SnapChat, a popular photo-sharing program often used to send sexy selfies since the pictures are automatically deleted within seconds of a recipient seeing them. The issues with the dating app are obvious, as a child of her age has no business on such a site, and the same goes for SnapChat. The teen used these programs at will from her mother’s phone and subsequently connected with a much older man. To make matters more obscure, the perpetrator on the other end was a family friend of the girl’s parents, and he expressed concern that maybe the two were cousins, KXAN reported.

Regardless of the potential relation, the girl told authorities that she lied to the man, identified as 20-year-old Deandry Drevon Gault, initially telling him she was 18. Over the course of several conversations, she came clean to him about how old she really was, which didn’t make him back off. He pressed forward, and she accepted his advances. Once they determined for sure that they weren’t actually related, they made arrangements to meet up.

For the next four to five weeks, Gault came to the girl’s home at night and had sex with her, for a total of about four or five times. Even though it was happening under the man’s roof, who Gault’s family was friends with, the father didn’t know about the disgustingly inappropriate relationship until he acted on his instincts. The father swung his daughter’s door open at about 4:30 a.m. to find Gault performing sex acts on his little girl.

Terrified, the child predator jumped out of the girl’s bedroom window, naked and without his car keys. Gault returned a short time later to retrieve his ride, with nothing on but a blanket, and he started begging the girl’s mother to not report it to police or his parents. They did anyway, and Gault was charged on July 28 with aggravated sexual assault, two weeks after he was found in the girl’s bedroom.

The teen’s father showed exceptional restraint to not react with physical force, after finding this man known to him engaging in oral sex acts on his daughter. Furthermore, the girl’s mother should have been more aware about her daughter’s cellphone activities, especially considering it was on the mom’s device. There seems to be something amiss here.

How could all this happen so easily and for so long in the parents’ home and on the mom’s phone, only to be stopped weeks after it all began? If the parents would have been even moderately responsible about monitoring their child’s behavior and activities, this could never have gone this far.

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