3 Michigan Thugs Get Instant Brutal Justice After Shooting Victim Who Wasn’t Ready To Die

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A shocking story has emerged out of Sanilac County, Michigan, where three armed thugs shot a man in his home during a brazen robbery attempt. Now, the story has gone viral after the thugs got the brutal dose of instant justice that they truly deserved.

According to local news source ABC12, the shocking home invasion took place at approximately 5 a.m. on Sunday, November 19, 2017. Police said that three armed thugs attempted to rob a man after breaking into his home in the 4300 block of Holbrook Road in Greenleaf Township. These degenerates could not have been more wrong about their decision to victimize an innocent homeowner in a quiet countryside town.

NBC25 News reports that after the intruder broke into the man’s home, they opened fire on him and shot him in the leg. The fed-up homeowner reportedly returned fire and delivered some brutal payback to the thugs. I bet these criminals never imagined that only one of them would survive the home invasion attempt.

The Sanilac County Sheriff’s Office issued the following statement on their Facebook pagein regard to the incident:

Home Invasion/Double Homicide

On Sunday, November 19 th, Sanilac County Sheriff Garry Biniecki states that at approximately 5:00 am Sanilac Central Dispatch received a 9-1-1 call from the 4300 block of Holbrook Road in Greenleaf Township.

The caller advised that 3 male subjects just broke into his home and shot him in the leg. Gun fire was returned and one or more of the suspects were shot. One of the suspects was at the residence deceased and the other suspects fled on foot.

Upon arrival to the Holbrook residence a vehicle was located in the ditch at Holbrook and Germania. Located inside the vehicle was a black male from the flint area, deceased with a gunshot injury. The vehicle was reported as stolen from the flint area back in October 2017.

This incident is still under investigation and all suspects involved are in custody.

Assisting agencies were Sandusky Police Department, Tuscola Co. Sheriff’s Office, Cass City PD.; MSP Caro; MSP Crime Lab; Sanilac Co. K-9, St. Clair Co. K-9, Sanilac Co. Detective Bureau and Drug Task Force, Sanilac Road Commission and Bingham EMS.

Additional news release will be available as the case progresses.

Aside from the homeowner getting shot, this is what you call a happy ending. Two of the murderous thugs are now permanently out of the life of crime and a third is going to prison. This homeowner deserves a medal for taking out the trash.

Although the Sanilac County Sheriff’s office has not yet identified any of the suspects, one of the thugs was identified by friends and family on social media.

Facebook from Gloria Perry (Photo Credit: Facebook/Gloria Perry)

Keith Saunders from Flint, Michigan, was identified by acquaintances on Facebook as one of the thugs who was shot and killed by the homeowner. Of course, it won’t be long before the mainstream media is making Saunders look like the victim and the homeowner look like the criminal.

Saunders’ girlfriend, Monique Foster, lashed out at other Facebook users who commented on the Sanilac County Sheriff’s post about the home invasion. “Woe, to be so hateful has nothing to do with GOD. No the young man shouldn’t have done what he did but a life over weed? Really? Just remember the same judgment you judge with, you will be judged with also. GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED…..,” Foster wrote in response to several people on Facebook who praised the homeowner for shooting the thugs in self-defense.

I don’t think Saunders cared much about what God thought about invading an innocent man’s home and shooting him in an attempt to carry out a robbery. The people on social media who praised the homeowner for shooting the thugs are obviously picking a side — the right side. In regards to the dead thugs’ families and friends being bitter over their demise, it truly baffles me when people don’t understand that violent people often meet a violent end.

Once again, the 2nd Amendment pulls its own weight. A law-abiding Michigan homeowner is still alive because he knew that his personal safety was his own responsibility. He didn’t deserve to have three violent thugs break into his home and shoot him, but he was prepared for that situation.

In my opinion, the homeowner deserves a medal and thanks from taxpayers who won’t have to pay for two of the thugs’ room and board during a lengthy prison sentence. As the mainstream media gets a hold of this story and attempts to vilify the homeowner, remember that he is the real victim of this horrific story.

Credits and source: MWN.

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